Our sponsorship programme is something we’re extremely proud to present

People who work on helping to improve the lives of those around. These are the people that we at Print Builder draw our inspiration from. We believe in rewarding selfless acts that are aimed at this very cause.

If you are seeking sponsorship and believe that we can add further value to your cause by providing custom T-shirts, the advice of our T-shirt design experts or some of our other T-shirt printing services then we welcome you to apply by simply filling out the contact form telling us about your project/ cause. In doing so please aim to provide the following information:

1.        Your name
2.        Your project and why it is you are doing it
3.        The location of the project
4.        The date of the project
5.        The T-shirt design or T-shirt printing services you require from us
6.        How much sponsorship money you anticipate you’ll generate.
7.        Why you believe we [both parties] can work well together 
Our Sponsorship Review Team will look over the proposal you have put forward and will respond within two weeks to inform you of our decision. We look forward to hearing about how our print services and custom designed T-shirts can aid you with your fundraising.

Have more questions regarding our business and bulk services? Check out the FAQs page or contact us