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We at Print Builder are aware of our social responsibilities to all of those who our business reaches out to. Whether you are a customer, a member of staff or a supplier, we always ensure that our ethical principles are upheld to the highest of standards. For us, this is the most important thing and we operate our business with this always at the forefront of our minds.

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Looking after the environment is something we consider to be of utmost importance. We pride ourselves on taking care of communities at both a local and global level, ensuring at all times that we support pro – green initiatives by doing our part. As such, we recycle T-shirts and any material used to create your personalised gifts with the aim of reducing waste. Print Builder operate with the belief that you can never do too much to help environmental programmes so we will actively continue to push for even greener ways of working.



Print Builder have a firm belief that our business has a responsibility to ensure that it operates in a fair way, and we have the same expectancy of each and every supplier that we use. To guarantee that they work with the same principles at heart, we encourage the awareness of; and the compliance of our Codes of Conduct. We will only work alongside those who buy into our beliefs. In this sense… we believe that integrity, honesty and transparency is king. 



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We believe that every individual should feel free to express themselves, and custom T-shirts and personalised gifts can be a method by which we do so. We understand exactly how powerful a message on a T-shirt can be so we encourage you to harness that power into a positive message. We do not print offensive or derogatory messages, which will offend or discriminate against any person(s). Please keep this mind when you design your own T-shirt. Requests for us to print anything of this nature will not be processed so keep the content you choose fair and respectful.



The Print Builder family are a highly talented group of individuals who when brought together form a formidable alliance. The passion we have for creating your custom T-shirts and personalised gifts makes for a fun and highly creative working environment. Our employees have a driven and unrivalled passion for creativity, so you can expect every custom T-shirt to be designed with the utmost care. Contact our team today so we can help you design a custom T-shirt or start building here.

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